PANOWELD® Welding Goggles

Panoramic Shade 5 UV/IR

Panoramic vision, indirect vent shade 5 goggle with soft comfort frame and wide, elasticated adjustable headband.

2.5mm green polycarbonate lens with anti-mist coating.

Conforms to EN 175, EN 169 & EN 166

The JSP Panoweld Shade 5 Welding Goggles will protect your eyes from non-ionising radiation arising during welding. The comfortable design and indirect ventilation will create a protective seal around your face without causing you discomfort.

The goggles have many helpful features, some of which follow here:

  • Protection: Protects the user against non-ionising radiation arising during welding, shade 5 lenses for gas welding supplied
  • Anti-Mist: Anti-misting GW5 green polycarbonate lenses for clear vision
  • Panoramic: Panoramic design for unobstructed view
  • Comfortable: Soft frame and wide, elasticated adjustable headband for secure and comfortable fit
  • Indirect Vent: Ventilation which does not allow for direct contact of particles to interior of the goggles

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