Twin Hammer Design

Two hammers strike balanced blows for more torque than other designs.

The simple design offers easy low cost maintenance, and good performance on soft and hard joints.
The twin hammer design is less sensitive to air pressure, and ideal for use where air supply fluctuations are prevalent.

Two Jaw Clutch

The highest energy per blow for maximum performance and highest torque to weight ratio. Best choice for steel erection and heavy MRO and excellent for both soft and hard joints.

Ball and Cam Clutch

Converts air motor torque into powerful rotary blows, a time tested design for maximum reliability, and best for very high torque soft joints.

DynaPact® Clutch

This fast high energy clutch offers low vibration and fast run down speed, and is ideal for lighter MRO use.

Single Hammer

This simple design offers easy low cost maintenance and reliability; best suited for lower torque applications.


Universal Tool offers a complete line of air hammers, scalers and chipping hammers.

We have also developed new products to meet the requirements of today’s changing market.

One such product is our patented line of recoilless needle scalers that provide users with ergonomic benefits unsurpassed in the air tool industry


The UT line of Industrial Grinders and Sanders has been developed to offer the widest selection of product choices to meet increased market demands for quality, accuracy and dependability; as well as meeting increasing demands for
low vibration, temperature insulation and general operator comfort.

UT Grinders and Sanders feature the highest HP to weight ratios, and modern designs offer built-in comfort features such as composite insulated grips, as well as reduced noise and vibration.

All UT Grinders fully meet ANSI requirements for guards, spindles, mounting fixtures and spindle run out.